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For LNG and other types of steam-turbine vessels,where demands for control/performance are extreme.

Combustion Controls - Steam dump control

  • The steam dump control system operates with the steam pressure and LNG-boil off gas flow as process parameters. The steam dump valve will operate as required in order to maintain a constant steam pressure. The opening is prevented by condenser safety functions, e g high pressure or temperature.

  • The steam dump is also used to maintain a desired cargo tank pressure on LNG-carriers Gas/oil relation calculator (Dual fuel boilers).

  • The "Gas/oil relation calculator" is based on the principle of communicating vessels, i e if one of the fuels is reduced the other is instantly increased. The Texon-Kockums system keeps track on the actual fuel flow, comparing this with the fuel demand.

  • For each fuel, the demand is compared with the actual flow. If one fuel is insufficient, the other fuel will instantly be added.

  • Gas/oil relation calculator can be configurated to burn a minimum amount of fuel oil, if fuel gas is available. However, in order to meet the operational requirements it is fully selectable. Inputs to gas/oil relation calculator are fuel demand, actual gas flow, actual oil flow and desired relation between fuel gas and fuel oil.

  • By utilizing multiple parameter controllers and thanks to gas/oil relation calculator design, no separate fuel oil boost controller is required.

  • The fuel gas demand signal is corrected by tank pressure controller to maintain tank pressure floating between the two preset limits.