Boiler Control specialists

For LNG and other types of steam-turbine vessels,where demands for control/performance are extreme.

Combustion Controls - Basic design features

  • Rugged design, based on development, design, installation, commissioning and operation of more than 250 marine boilers, of which 20 are dual fired onboard LNG-carriers, over a period of more than 25 years.

  • Extensive system funcionality and operators support for start up and any abnormal condition operations.

  • Totally integrated functions (no unwanted lead/lag) together with error adaptive parameter settings result in supreme response at rapid load changes, yet maintaining steady operation at normal conditions.

  • Extended turndown capabilities: The control valve is one of the major limiting factors for control system turn down. Due to careful selection and utilization of high turn down control valves (up to 500:1) and avoiding split range operation, supreme performance is achieved.