Boiler Control specialists

For LNG and other types of steam-turbine vessels,where demands for control/performance are extreme.


  • Texon was founded 1976, located in Malmö/Sweden. From the start the company combined vast competence in control engineering and combustion process engineering in one organisation.
  • A logical evolution of Kockums Marine Process Automation department, an operation which was taken over entirely by Texon in 1980.
  • Texon is still located in Malmö/Sweden, since 1992 at new attractive premises.

Company business philosophy

  • To provide complete turn-key solution packages, from process analysis, system design, hardware and software supply to installation and commissioning.
  • Texon systematically operates in close relationship with ship operators, builders and owners through-out the projects, always with the objectives to provide a no-fuzz operation.
  • In line with our quality and reliability standards, Texon combines the ultimate hardware available with research and process know-how.
  • A stable growth during 21 years of business as an independent operation in this field, achieved by a qualified and flexible organisation, proves the satisfaction of our customers and is a guarantee that Texon will stay in this demanding business for years to come.

Qualified know-how development

  • Based on reasearch and experience, Texon has over the years consistently upgraded and refined system performance and reliability, taking advantage of all recent technology available, in combination with highly experienced human resources.
  • A great number of marine control systems created by Kockums/Texon during the early years, have been upgraded to latest specifications, which is an expression of the satisfaction and loyalty our customers pay to our working experience and knowledge.
  • Texon has also over the years replaced numerous boiler control systems, supplied by other companies with inferior knowledge to match the demanding marine market with extreme reliability and turndown requirements.